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Meet our Irelands Real Estate Senior Property Manager, Jane Burnand.

What is your position at Irelands Real Estate?

Senior Property Manager

Describe a day in the life of an Irelands Real Estate property manager.

My day starts with checking my diary, and then rent arrears.  Depending on the day, it can be taken up by arranging viewings, doing inspections, writing inspection reports, organising maintenance and sending out lease renewals.  Sometimes the day may entail organising a new “fit out” of a house with a new paint job, curtains and carpet, which I enjoy.

What’s the most fulfilling part about working in property management? 

I really enjoy the interaction with my lovely tenants, seeing children grow with long term tenants and the lovely chats I have with my owners.

What’s the most challenging part about working in property management?

The most challenging part about working in property management is working in different markets and meeting owner expectations.  It is always a changing environment.

What hobbies do you participate in outside of working on the Irelands Team?

I love working in my garden, going to the gym (I don’t always love it when I am there) and meeting up with my friends and family.

If you could invite anyone over for tea, dead or alive, who would it be, and why?

I would invite the Dalai Lama.  I think he has an incredibly calm persona, while being very positive and insightful.

If you were not working as an Irelands property manager, what else would you like to do?

If I didn’t have to work, I would like to do charity work at the Canterbury Charity Hospital.  For paid work, I would enjoy doing gardening work.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which book would you take with you, and why?

I’ve been dying to read Gregory David Roberts new book, “The Mountain Shadow” which is the follow up to the amazing “Shantaram”.  If I was on a deserted island, I might finally have some time to do some reading.

Do you have a favorite quote that you’d like to share?

Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.

Are there any  jokes that you’d like to share?

What’s the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?

One will see you later, and one will see you in awhile.


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