When does the rental money get paid into my account?

We pay our Owners twice per month.  This occurs on the 16th (for mid month) and on the 1st (for end of month) unless this falls on a weekend or a public holiday.  We then pay on the next working day.  An end of month statement is automatically sent to your nominated email address on the 1st day of the following month.

Do you charge a disbursement fee for any maintenance work undertaken on my property? 

Some companies choose to charge their Property Owners a percentage based disbursement fee on top of the cost associated with maintenance work carried out on an Owners’ property.  Irelands are pleased to advise that we do not charge a disbursement fee on any maintenance work which we co-ordinate on your behalf.

How do you find Tenants?

We use proven marketing techniques to showcase your property. These days online advertising is by far the best option with online listings of your property on trademe.co.nz, realestate.co.nzsella.co.nz and our own website irelands.co.nz.  Professional photography, at our cost, will really make your property stand out in the crowd.  In addition, Irelands will promote your property directly to our current prospective tenant database.  Signage at the property works for properties with good traffic flow and of course private viewings of the property.

How do you select Tenants? 

The two key criteria we consider when reviewing a Tenant’s application, is the Tenant’s ability to pay the rent and continue to maintain your property to a satisfactory standard.  All potential Tenants must complete the Ireland’s detailed online Application Form.  We assess and check the information provided, (previous landlords are the best way to check past tenancy behaviour).  Once all checks are completed, we will make a recommendation to you.  Only once we receive your agreement, do we offer your property to the successful Tenant.

How often will I hear from you once my property is rented? 

It’s all about Communication….. You determine when and how often you’d like your Property Manager to liaise with you once your property has been rented.  It’s all about what works best for you!

How do you deal with rent arrears?

If you are like us, you have financial commitments. That’s why we have a zero tolerance rent arrears policy.  To protect your cash flow!  We monitor rent payments daily and any non-payment is quickly identified and acted on in accordance with our internal processes which are documented in the Tenant Welcome Pack to every Tenant and fully comply with the Residential Tenancies Act.

Our opinion is that the minimum for a prudent Landlord would be insurance coverage for loss of rent, malicious damage and legal liability.  However, as per any insurance policy, the choice of whether to be insured or not is up to you.  At Irelands we are very good at catching up with Tenants who owe rent, however, this is a lengthy process and often money returned to you is a court imposed ‘drip feed’ over a long period of time.  Clients with Landlord Insurance receive a lump sum pay-out instead of a trickle of funds, and again, we believe extra Insurance is a wise option.

We advise all our owners to purchase Landlord Insurance and recommend the Policy from Real Landlord Insurance NZ Ltd.  Landlord Insurance is an additional insurance to your existing home and contents policies and covers the risk to loss of rent, but also risks such as; malicious damage to the building, theft, contents cover and legal liability. Landlord Insurance is also a fully tax deductible expense.