Irelands' Team Conference 2016 – May 2016

by Sam Journee

The Irelands’ annual team conference was held recently in early April.  Each member of the Irelands’ team found themselves at their respective front gates waiting to be picked up, with no idea as to what the day would hold. Soon after, we arrived at the Canterbury Club in Cambridge Terrace to commence what was an action packed day!

We were introduced to David Faulkner, who as a very experienced Property Manager himself would be facilitating the first part of the Ireland’s conference. David started his career as a Property Manager and then used his skills to manage and grow a very successful team at Property Brokers in the North Island. He has continued his success by now operating his own business from Wellington, consulting for Property Management companies around the country.


David, our guest speaker, far right

Our goal for the morning was to confirm our “Code of Conduct” for Irelands.  Inspiring ideas, well thought-out suggestions and robust discussion all led to documenting core attributes the team believe form our “Code of Conduct” moving forward.  These attributes and characteristics also now form the 12th member of our team – “Ivy”.  Ivy personifies who we are as a company and who we aspire to be as individuals on a daily basis. The idea for Ivy’s name came about as, appropriately, it is Green, and it also grows quickly, which is a focus for Irelands’ during 2016.

After a very satisfying morning of planning and discussing everyone’s ideas we enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by the wonderful staff at the Canterbury Club, and then once again, had to wait in suspense to hear our next activity.

Caroline, Irelands’ GM then presented the Irelands’ version of the Amazing Race.  We were split into three teams, provided directions and a series of challenges to complete.  The Race was on!!


Vicki, Kirsty & David – Team Giraffe


Claire, Tracey & Sam – Team Elephant


Murray, Joy & Penny – Team Emperors

During the next three hours, the teams encountered many people, attractions, and venues that make our city so special.  It highlighted to us all how much there is still to do and see in our central city, even in the midst of ongoing redevelopment. The teams met numerous tourists along the way, and as instructed several ‘selfies’ were taken …..We hold no responsibility for any newly found chocolate addictions created as a result of tourists or locals accepting chocolate bribes!!!

The race concluded back at the Canterbury Club and the scores were tallied up.  At this point everyone realised, as Caroline had told us, Irelands’ version of the Amazing Race was more about attention to detail rather than speed.   After more robust discussion (arguments!) between ourselves as to how many fluorescent lights are in the Art Gallery Foyer, where the end of the tram line actually is (which I maintain is still New Regent St), and whether or not the City Tram loop flyers had run out from the Information Centre, it was concluded that the wise, methodical team (Emperors) of Murray, Joy and Penny came out on top…much to Kirsty’s annoyance! I will also reluctantly congratulate Team Giraffe 🙂

Kirsty & Vicki on the tram

Kirsty & Vicki on the tram



We'd scared the tourists off by now

We’d scared the tourists off by now

Curators House was the location for our team dinner in the evening. Enjoying a few cold refreshments allowed the team to laugh about the competitive nature of the day and bring back the camaraderie of an amazing group that makes Irelands’ a wonderful place to work.

The Irelands' Team Ready for Dinner

The Irelands’ Team Ready for Dinner

As a team we would like to thank David for his contribution to our conference.  We would also like to thank Caroline, Murray and Tracey for organising a very enjoyable day. I know each of us thoroughly enjoyed it and the time and effort you all put in to organising the day for us didn’t go unnoticed by anyone.

Can’t wait till the next conference in 2017…….

Written by Sam Journee, Property Manager, Irelands

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Irelands' Team Conference 2016 – May 2016