So How Much Does a Property Manager Cost? – March 2015

by Tracey Sparrow

The most common question we are asked is how much will it cost?

Property Management fees will vary depending upon the business engaged, however with Irelands Property Management you can be rest assured that you’ll be receiving the highest value possible when you deal with us.

Your desire to engage with a property manager will always be due to one of two motivations; (1) do you have the time to manage a property or properties (and what is the opportunity cost associated with actually managing the property)? and (2) do you have the necessary skill set and knowledge to physically manage a property/properties?

The cost of not using a Property Manager is therefore a time and opportunity cost, and the costs associated with getting it wrong.

For more information on why to work with an Ireland’s Property Manager refer to How to Choose a Property Management Company – an earlier article that highlights the benefits of utilising the knowledge and expertise of an experienced Property Manager.

“There are a number of benefits that come with working alongside a Property Manager. If you are not confident with how to oversee a rental property, including the laws surrounding the industry, a Property Manager will have the necessary experience and knowledge to be able to follow the correct procedures and act within the boundaries of the law in regards to tenants, tax and other property matters.

You will be able to hand over a majority of the time-consuming responsibilities as owner and landlord e.g. advertising, tenant screening, credit/reference checking, property open homes, weekly rent payment administration and property inspections, to name a few. The overall control of the property remains with you and the most important decision – the final say on who will live in your property based on the final applications provided by your Property Manager.”

Let’s take a look at the dollar and cents of property management. Not all packages are created equally, so be sure to read the small print and what is inclusive in a Property Management company’s offerings.

From our independent research, Irelands believes we are extremely competitive – if not one of the most affordable, Property Management companies currently offering these services. We don’t hide anything away in the small print and there are no hidden costs associated with our comprehensive packages.

We have two Property Management service options. We have termed these the basecamp and the crowd pleaser. Both of those options include our core services.


Core Services

The core services you can expect from our dedicated team include:


So no matter what package you have with Irelands, you’ll receive all of these benefits – which, in some cases, our competitors would be more than happy to charge you independently for.  And remember, you will have a dedicated expert Property Manager to look after your property and provide more amazing value!



Our base package (aptly named basecamp) includes a multitude of benefits under a lower Fixed Flat percentage rate. You receive all of our core services (noted above) and any additional services, when required, are competitively priced.

Our basecamp package includes



Crowd pleaser

If you’re weekly rental is greater than $400 per week, then you’ve got the ability to take advantage of the crowd pleaser package. This is an amalgamation of both basecamp and our core services.  It is a fixed flat percentage fee with nothing more to pay!


Take advantage today!

It is evident that Irelands have thought of everything! If you want to learn more about our Fixed Flat Fees and wish to discuss any of these packages with our dedicated team, simply contact us now.

Take the hassle out of managing your property and call on the professional services of the experts in Christchurch Property Management. We’re about building positive relationships that foster beneficial outcomes for all involved, while ensuring that your investment portfolio continues to grow in value.

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So How Much Does a Property Manager Cost? – March 2015